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Super Ti

Lightweight Titanium is used in Fujitsubo's premier model.

Super Ti is Fujitsubo's premier exhaust system. It features full titanium construction, large diameter mandrel piping, and high flow muffler. Each Super Ti kit is developed for optimum horsepower while greatly reducing weight. For a Mitsubishi EVO 9 application the Super Ti was 60% lighter in weight than OE, a difference of 21 lbs. The reduced weight will benefit all aspects of vehicle performance including acceleration, braking, and handling. The goal in development is to increase power throughout the RPM range with an emphasis on high RPM power. All components are made of titanium from tip, muffler, resonators, piping, brackets, and hangers.

Muffler and Tip

Super lightweight Titanium construction with a straight through muffler design. Developed to be high flow with an aggressive exhaust note. The compact round shaped muffler and large diameter tip are designed to pursue exhaust efficiency and at the same time reduce sound to acceptable limits. Slashed and straight tip designs are available to offer a sharp feeling.

Pipe Diam.(mm) 50.8 - 80.0
Thickness(mm) 1.0
Tip Diam.(mm) 101.6 ,117 (Slash)
112.4 (Straight)